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Office of Research and Development, National University of Tainan

Department introduction

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The school has a physical education division from the 39th to the 47th year of the Republic of China. On August 15th, the Republic of China reorganized its division. In August of the next year, it established a five-year national school teacher division. In the Academic Affairs Office; on July 1, the Republic of China reorganized the Teachers College, which was divided into physical education disciplines and belonged to common disciplines. In August of the Republic of China, the Department of Physical Education was established in August, and the tradition of sports teaching has always been maintained. Good teaching results.

Set goals

1. Cultivate sports industry management talents
2. Cultivate sports players, coaches and referees
3. Cultivate physical education teachers
4. Cultivate sports administrative talents
5. Cultivate sports research talents

Capability indicator

1. Ability to have technical analysis and movement rules for sports events.
2. Ability to integrate sports and sports knowledge into sports training and refereeing.
3. Ability to plan and organize various sports activities or sports competitions.
4. Ability to play a spirit of service and actively participate in sports activities.
5. Ability to publish academic research.
6. Have the spirit and attitude of communication and coordination, division of labor and cooperation and enthusiasm.
7. Ability to have sports marketing planning and event management.
8. Can have the ability to design and teach the national sports curriculum.
9. Ability to have special skills guidance and refereeing skills.


1. The school's key development sports are track and field, badminton, billiards, basketball, volleyball, competitive cheerleading, Western-style rowing and folk sports, and various sports teams are organized. For sports outstanding performers, Mr. Chen Guangxiong sports scholarships are provided. Mr. Caitron's sports scholarship is encouraged.
2. Regularly hold academic lectures and seminars to provide professional training for teachers and students.
3. Regularly plan sports week activities and sports performances every year to develop the ability of student activities to design and organize activities.
4. Publish for the publication of research on teachers and students' thesis.
5. Implement clinical teaching to improve teaching effectiveness, encourage teachers to conduct special research, and promote academic research.
6. At present, there are master's classes (daytime) and master's in-service classes (nighttime) in the Department of Physical Education.

Future development of the department

1. Actively plan hardware equipment such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, and gymnasium teachers' research rooms, and regularly evaluate the use functions of various sports venues.
2. Enrich teaching equipment and books.
3. Strengthen research and improve academic quality.
4. Open the sports field to serve the community, promote the national movement, and stay in the neighborhood.

Student graduation

1. Engaged in sports teaching.
2. Serve as a school or administrative agency for sports guidance or training.
3. Serve as an education administrator and sports administrator.
4. Post-graduate study: A master's degree (doctoral) class at a domestic and foreign university (can apply for the sports education group, sports science group, and sports coaching group) to obtain a doctoral degree.